We have an established ranking system which closely matches Star Wars canon within the Jedi Order
…or Sith Order if you prefer.


Youngling – Any person part of the group under 13 years old.  A Youngling, when they come of age, may advance to Initiate or directly to Padawan.

Initiate – Anyone who is part of the group, over 13 years old.  You may be here simply to learn and have a good time, without pursuing further rank, which is great!  This is where new members start.

Padawan – If you want to pursue the rank of Knight (or Sith) then you may request to be assigned to a Knight for 1×1 training.  Knights may only train one Padawan at a time, so there may be a wait until someone is available.  A Padawan may also be known as an Acolyte if they tend towards more Sith tendancies.  We hold special training sessions for Padawans each week.  Training includes not only combat training, but mental training as well.  We approach this much like other martial arts to incorporate a holistic sense of training and preparedness.  Many members who pursue this program find the martial aspect to be helpful beyond our sparring sessions, helping them cope with and overcome other issues in their lives as well.

Knight-Aspirant – Once you are deemed ready to begin your Trials, then you will be automatically advanced to Knight-Aspirant as your Knight and/or our Battlemaster prepare you for your Trials! This may take up to several months to complete.

Knight – when you have successfully passed your Trials you will be promoted to the rank of Knight, or Sith if appropriate.  At this rank you must be proficient in one Form.  As a Knight/Sith you are encouraged to take on a Padawan to train.  Many Knights practice multiple Forms and blend them into their own combat-style.

Master – You must have successfully trained at least 2 Padawans to Knight rank and proctored at least 16 Trials.  You must have held the rank of Knight for at least 18 months.  You must be proficient in multiple forms.  A Master may continue to evolve their combat Form mastery and take on the rank of Battlemaster over time.

Battlemaster – You must be above-proficient in all 6 (possibly 7) forms of combat.  This may take several years to achieve.

Grand Master – You are Satele Shan, Yoda or Luke Skywalker(post-ROTJ).  You do not have to lose a hand to achieve this rank, however.  Within Star Wars canon, only one person holds the title of Grand Master at a time as they are deemed the leader of the Jedi Council; given our team structure this would not typically apply.

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