SWC Website Posts

Here’s a step-by-step walk-through of how to post your episodes to the Star Wars Commonwealth website each week.


Login to the Squarespace Management page:
(not listed out of safety - get that info from Marc/Tim/Steve)

CAUTION: It's a shared account. It can edit ANYTHING on the website. 
You're welcome to visit other pages, look at how they're constructed, but be 
careful not to edit pages which are not yours. If you run into a problem, 
contact Marc or Tim.

Okay, let's get your weekly episode post going!

Navigate to the post editor:  Home > Pages > News > Go to the "Drafts" tab
(You'll start on the News page after you login to this URL anyway)

From Marc's original recommendations, he suggested you create a standard "draft" 
template which you then re-use each week. To create a draft template, choose one of 
the existing draft articles (or a published article?), duplicate it, & customize it 
to your own show.  Then just keep it around in 'draft' state (unpublished) as a 
starting point for each of your posts.  If you'd like help, Marc or Tim or Steve 
can help. 

You are encouraged to customize your page and posts. It's your space - own it :)

Select a draft/template article to start with. Click on it, then click "EDIT"
When the editor comes up, click on "Duplicate" at the bottom
- This creates a duplicate copy and opens that duplicate in the editor, preserving 
  your original article.

There are 4 tabs along the top of the editor:
- Edit your title (eg. "podcast name | Episode xx title name")
- If you use an image in your post (typically episode art), mouse-over it and you'll 
  get a option at the top of the image, click "edit"
 - The Image editor comes up: click "remove", then drag-n-drop your new image 
   into that space.
  - On the "design" tab, style is "inline" , and click "Enable Lightbox" below.
  - Click APPLY
- Edit the article text for your show. (show description typically, may include full 
  show notes if you desire - your choice!)
- Generally episode posts will also include an embedded show player.
  - You'll need to update this for each episode each week.
  - You'll either have a full new code each week from your hosting provider, 
    - or if you're more advanced, you can edit the code with a new ID each week.
  - Mouse-over the embedded player in the post, and click "edit"
  - You'll get a pop-up with a field saying "Enter an embeddable URL here" 
  - Here's where it's a little tricky:
    - If you're replacing the entire embedded player URL each week, paste that here.
    - If you want to edit the existing code to update the episode ID for the URL, 
      click on "</>" and you can edit the HTML code directly.
      - If you're advanced enough to do this, then you're probably OK at this point. 
        What you edit entirely depends on your embedded player & it's code
    - If you need help, ask one of us in the SWC Twitter chat for help.
- Finish up editing any other content on your post you like.
- At the bottom of the editor, setup any tags or categories you like
 - Tags: usually your show name 
 - Categories: "Star Wars" & "Podcast" & anything you think might be useful
   - This is used as keyword of searching the site.

- Post URL: Remove what's there (you'll still see "/news-1/" - that's ok"
 - Copy your post title from the CONTENT tab, and paste it here.
 - You can create something custom if you like, but not required
 - the resulting URL should be something like: 
- Thumbnail: Click "remove" then drag-n-drop your episode art into this space.
- Change "Author" to your name. 
  - If you're not listed, contact Tim or Marc to get yourself added.
- Source URL: An optional link to your website for people to click on.
- Excerpt: A small portion of your post description from the Content tab. 
  Typically only 1-2 sentences.

- We leave this blank/un-set

- This prompts automation which has the SWCpod accounts on FB, Twitter, & Tumblr 
  repost about your post going live.
- It's your choice to turn these on or off as you desire.


Click "save" at the bottom
Review your post, make sure it looks good.
When you are ready to publish, "edit" that post again, then click "save & publish" 
at the bottom of the editor.


If there are any edits to changes to this you think need to be made, please contact Steve

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