Safety Matters To Us!

In order to ensure safety at our events, we have implemented some basic safety equipment requirements:

SPARRING: Gloves and face/head protection are REQUIRED during our sparring sessions. Head/face protection includes paintball masks, hockey masks, fencing or kendo helmets, or something similar. Accidents happen – even with our most skilled competitors. This is for your safety to protect your eyes, ears, neck.

TRAINING/DRILLS: The same equipment is RECOMMENDED but not required during instructional training sessions.


Additional recommendations:
We consider these optional, though many of our team members eventually make the investment.  This is a full contact sport, strikes and accidents happen.  You don’t have to spend a fortune, and you can invest over time depending on your own factors.  None of these are required, but we want to make you aware and help you protect yourself.

Elbow guards & shin guards.  You’ve probably been hit there before, accidentally hitting a table or corner.  It’s not fun.  Even simple soft-guards help.  

A gorget.  Every newcomer quickly learns that even with the neck protection of a fencing helmet, a strike to the neck or throat hurts – badly.  A gorget will protect you far more than a fencing helmet pad will do.  We have a link below under “equipment” to a popular one on Amazon you can get for $30.

Chest guard.  Some people do, some don’t.  But again, as a full contact sport, where stabs and thrusts happen, this is just an additional layer of protection to keep you in the game.  Often something like a paintball chest protector will do fine, and are inexpensive.



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