Episode 48 – The Last Podcast (Before TLJ)

We’re absolutely on the edges of our seats with anticipation for The Last Jedi.  It’s mere days away and we can’t have a conversation with anyone we know without talking about it somehow!  So we took time out at practice to get our final, last, pre-TLJ thoughts out for this week’s episode.  The next time we talk (on air) we will have seen the movie!  YEARS of waiting finally satisfied, and allegedly in new and unexpected directions!  


Shouts to friends this week…

  • Kaden @ Rebel Chatter / Rebel Cause Lancaster (@RebelChatterHQ)
  • David @ The Cocky Cockpit (@CockyCockpit)
  • Robin @ Brick City Blockade Podcast Network (@brickcityswpc) (With my bad voice, I said “Block City” on-air, I’m sorry about that!)
  • Cory @ Tumbling Saber (@ChopRulz)


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