Episode 35 – Swords & Sabers

A very special episode this week – We have Fode from the Star-B-Q podcast back with us, and also Alan Venable from Phoenix Saber Academy & Saber Knights returns to the show.  Both are skilled martial artists with rich backgrounds, and together with Eric, our Battlemaster, we tackle a question brought to us from one of the team (Dennis if you must know).  We were asked to talk about the various types of real-world swordplay, what’s similar, what’s different about them – and since we’re a Star Wars podcast from a lightsaber combat group, how do those relate to saber combat.  The guys get quite in-depth on different types of eastern and western swordplay styles, different weapons, with ties back to lightsaber combat forms and techniques.  Definitely our most technical (and longest) episode so far.  

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