Episode 112 – Breakdown Series ANH Act 2 (v2)

Episode 112 – Breakdown Series ANH Act 2 (v2)

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(Sorry, first publish was bad, here’s the fixed one!) Welcome back to our “Breakdown Series” as we take a shot at A New Hope (ANH) today, Act 2! We are once again joined by Keith Mylett from Hawaii Saber Academy as we watch through and dissect Act 2 of the film that impacted our lives over the last 40+ years! In Act 2 we see the rising conflict, the potential loss of hope, and the setup for the final battle!

Shouts to Keith & HSA: https://www.hawaiisaberacademy.com/

(Make sure to get in touch with him if you’d like to grab a copy of his new Zine! It’s only $1!)

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