Equipment is a very personal situation. You like what you like because it fits you better, feels better, looks better, or any number of reasons.

With that in mind, we’re not specifically endorsing any vendor or equipment. That’s ultimately up to you.

However, here are some sample types of equipment so you get a feel for what you can be looking for:

Combat-grade Lightsabers
Vader’s Vault
Costs range $75-150 for basic stunt stabers
$200-$500 for more stylized hilts, blade colors, sound, & other options
Face/Head Protection
Fencing Post (Escondido)
Amazon – Fencing Helmets
Amazon – Lacrosse Gloves
Amazon – Gorget
Fencing masks typically cost around $60.
Lacrosse Gloves run around $50
A gorget for neck protection is usually $30.
REMEMBER: Your face is important!! Protect it!!

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